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Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Dreaming of starting a business in Dubai? Hold on! While it's true Dubai is a business boomtown with a prime location, sweet tax breaks, and a diverse crowd, navigating the setup process can be tricky.


That's where we come in! We're AlJazat, your friendly team of Dubai business experts. Forget the confusing details – we'll handle them while you focus on your brilliant business idea.


With 10 years of experience and countless happy clients, we're the one-stop shop for all your business needs in Dubai and the UAE. From setting things up to keeping things running smoothly, we've got your back. So, unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and let's make your Dubai dream a reality!

5 Facts About Us

Forget the cold stats and charts – let's get personal! Here, we're not just business wizards, we're your UAE dream team.


Think about it:

  • 3,000+ companies launched: We've seen it all, from tech startups to cosy cafes, and helped them thrive in the UAE.

  • 25,000+ happy customers: Our success is measured by your smile.

  • One-stop shop with super brains: Business gurus, money mavens, market whizzes, legal eagles, and property pros – all working together for you.

  • UAE veterans: Over 10 years living and breathing the Emirates, so we know the ins and outs like the back of our hands.

  • Local champions: We invest in the UAE's future, because your success is our success.

So, ditch the paperwork dread and join the fam. We'll make your UAE dreams a reality, together!

Our Key Expertise Fields

We're not just number crunchers and legal eagles (though we have those too!). We're your one-stop shop for building your UAE dream. From registering your company to managing your taxes, we've got you covered. Plus, we can help you find the perfect place to live and work, even open a bank account.


Think of us as your UAE sherpa, guiding you through every step:

  • Company Setup: Forget the paperwork jungle, we'll handle it all.

  • Accounting & Tax: Leave the number crunching to us, you focus on the bigger picture.

  • Real Estate: Find your dream home or office with our local expertise.

  • Relocation: Moving can be stressful, let us ease the transition for you and your family.

  • Banking: Get settled financially with our help opening a UAE bank account.

So ditch the stress and focus on what matters - your success! We'll handle the rest.

Let's chat and make your UAE dreams a reality

Why Choose Us?

UAE dreams feeling dusty? Don't let paperwork, laws, and unfamiliar territory bury your brilliant idea! We're here to be your go-to guide and desert survival kit for setting up shop in Dubai.


Why choose us? We're not just suits and spreadsheets:

  • 10 years of UAE expertise: We're a team of business whizzes, legal eagles, accounting ninjas, real estate scouts, and market analysts – all with deep Dubai knowledge. We know the local laws, cultural quirks, and even handshake etiquette (trust us, it matters!).

  • Tailored solutions: Forget one-size-fits-all. We'll assess your unique needs and goals to find the perfect company setup, whether mainland or one of Dubai's 40+ free zones.

  • One-stop shop, zero stress: Need help opening your business? Navigating taxes? Finding your dream office? Relax! We offer turnkey solutions for everything, from A to Z. We'll even help you open bank accounts, find a sweet apartment, and settle in smoothly.

  • Always up-to-date: The UAE business scene is dynamic. Our team stays ahead of the curve, bringing you the latest news and insights to keep your company thriving.

So, ditch the overwhelm and let's make your UAE dream a reality! Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help your business bloom in the desert sun.

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