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Golden Visa UAE Guide 2024

Requirements, Price, Benefits, and Application Process

The UAE Golden Visa was introduced in 2019, giving certain expats the chance to apply for long-term residency visas and become self-sponsored. They can also sponsor their close family members for UAE residency visas that last just as long.


In October 2022, the rules for getting the Golden Visa UAE through investment were changed. The UAE authorities made the required investment amount smaller, and now investors can buy off-plan real estate or take out mortgages. They also got rid of the limits on how long you can stay in other countries.


So, if you're an expat who wants to live in the UAE for a long time, the Golden Visa is a great option. It gives you and your family a lot of flexibility and freedom.

Advantages of UAE residency visa

Dreaming of living in the UAE with endless sunshine and amazing opportunities? Buckle up, because the UAE visa might just be your golden ticket!  Here's why:


  • Goodbye, visa woes: Move to the UAE or visit whenever you want, visa restrictions are a thing of the past!

  • Tax haven, hello? Enjoy tax-free living on your income, property, and even inherited goodies. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

  • Banking like a boss: Open accounts in local banks with multiple currencies, making managing your finances a breeze.

  • Hit the road, UAE style: Get your local driver's license by passing a test or simply exchanging your existing one. Time to explore those desert dunes!

  • Healthcare and education at your fingertips:   Access world-class hospitals, schools, and universities – the UAE has it all!

  • Bring the family:  Sponsor your loved ones for long-term visas and even your parents for year-long stays. Family time just got way better!

  • Discounts galore:  Unlock exclusive deals and bonuses with the Dubai discount program, Esaad – treating yourself just got cheaper!

  • Become a citizen (maybe): 🇦🇪 Contribute significantly to the UAE or live there for 30 years, and who knows, you might become a citizen! Talk about long-term goals!


Remember, this is just a glimpse into the amazing perks of having a UAE visa. So, whether you're a career seeker, investor, or simply drawn to the vibrant life in the UAE, this visa might be the key to unlocking your dreams.

Golden visa UAE benefits

Benefits of the Golden Visa UAE include:


  1. Self-sponsorship

  2. Extended visa validity (10 years!)

  3. Ability to sponsor family members

  4. No need to enter the UAE every 6 months to keep the visa valid.

Who can apply for golden visa in UAE

Golden Visa calling!  Want to unlock a life of sunshine, opportunity, and maybe even become a citizen? The UAE Golden Visa might be your key. But first things first, who qualifies?

Think you might fit the bill? Check out these categories:


  • Boss moves: Run your own business? You're in! CEOs and managing directors are welcome too.

  • Brain power: Got a PhD? Your knowledge is appreciated here.

  • Top talents: Doctors, engineers, athletes – bring your skills and shine!

  • Future leaders: Students with exceptional academic achievements can join the club.

  • Investment gurus: Got some cash to put to work? The UAE wants to hear from you.


Ready to apply? Great! Just remember, the documents you need will depend on your category. So be sure to double-check the specifics before gathering your paperwork.


This Golden Visa is more than just a visa, it's an invitation to experience the best the UAE has to offer. So go ahead, explore your options and see if this visa opens the door to your next adventure!

Golden visa UAE requirements

The UAE's Golden Visa is like a magic carpet, whisking you away to a world of sunshine, opportunity, and maybe even citizenship!  But before you hop on, here's a breakdown of who qualifies and what you need to know.

Got some cash to invest?

  • Public Sector Investors: Put AED 2 million in an investment fund or property (or pay AED 250,000 annually to the government). Plus, own the invested capital and have medical insurance.

  • Real Estate Investors: Own property worth at least AED 2 million or buy one with a 50% down payment through specific local banks.

Entrepreneur extraordinaire?

  • Entrepreneurs: Have an innovative project valued at AED 500,000 or more, get approval from authorities, and find an incubator to support you.

Calling all superstars!

  • Outstanding Talents: Doctors, scientists, inventors, artists, athletes, and more can qualify based on specific achievements and recommendations.

  • High School Students: Score 95% or higher nationally and get a recommendation letter.

  • University Students: Graduate from a top-rated university with a high GPA and within 2 years of graduation.

  • Foreign University Students: Be among the top 100 globally with a high GPA and a recent graduation.


Humanitarian heroes or frontline fighters?

  • Pioneers of Humanitarian Work: Contribute time, money, or receive recognition for your efforts.

  • Frontline Heroes: Show exceptional service during crises like COVID-19 and get a recommendation from the authorities.


Remember: This is just a snapshot! Double-check the specific requirements for your category and gather your documents carefully. The UAE Golden Visa could be your key to unlocking incredible opportunities in this vibrant country. So, explore your options and see if it's your golden ticket to adventure!

How to apply for golden visa UAE

Application for the golden visa is done through Amer, a semi-government typing centre.


So you've set your sights on the UAE Golden Visa – congrats! But navigating the application process can seem daunting. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a step-by-step guide:


1. Pick your lane: Are you an investor, real estate mogul, or an innovative entrepreneur? Choose the category that best fits your golden dreams.


2. Gear up! Collect all the documents your chosen category needs, like investment proofs, recommendation letters, or academic records. Think of it as packing for your UAE adventure.


3. Amer to the rescue: Head to an Amer office, your government service centre for all things visa-related. They'll help you kickstart your application.


4. Time to pay the toll: Remember, even magic carpets (well, visas) come with fees. Settle the application costs so your journey can begin.


5. Patience is key: While approvals can take anywhere from 72 hours to 30 days, don't worry, your application is busy getting the green light.


6. Say goodbye to the old: Have an existing visa? Give it a proper send-off by cancelling it before your Golden Visa arrives.


7. Submit, submit!: Fill out the application form with your passport details and any other info required. This is your official boarding pass to the UAE!


8. Welcome aboard! Once approved, your Golden Visa will be stamped in your passport, making you a bonafide UAE resident. Now go collect it and explore your new home!

Cost of the golden visa UAE

Dreaming of a 10-year residency in the UAE with the Golden Visa? Here's a breakdown of the costs to factor in:


Visa fee: 2,657 AED - this is your ticket to the golden life.


  • Medical check: 700 AED - gotta make sure you're healthy for your adventure.

  • Emirates ID: 1,153 AED - your official UAE ID card.



  • If your application isn't approved, you'll get 60% (1,680 AED) of the visa fee refunded.


Other costs:

  • Health insurance: around 800 AED - stay covered for basic needs.

  • DLD fees: 4,020 AED - land department fees, whatever that means!

  • Administrative fees: 1,155 AED - for the people who make it all happen.


Whew, that's a lot of numbers! But hey, this Golden Visa unlocks amazing opportunities, so it might be worth it. Just remember to budget carefully and check for the latest fees, as they can change sometimes. 

How we can help you

Feeling overwhelmed by the UAE visa process? Don't sweat it! We're here to be your visa genie, taking away your worries and making things smooth sailing.


Here's how we'll make your life easier:


No more visa woes: Tell us what you need, and we'll handle the rest. Think of us as your personal visa superheroes!


Your time is precious: Forget spending hours researching. We'll recommend the best solution based on your specific situation, saving you valuable time.


Your own visa guide: You'll get a dedicated manager who's always just a message, call, or email away. No more feeling lost in the visa labyrinth!


UAE visa experts: We know the ins and outs of the UAE visa system like the back of our hand. Ask us anything, and we'll give you clear, straightforward answers.


So, ditch the stress and let us handle the hassle. With our expertise and dedication, you'll be enjoying the UAE sunshine in no time!


Q: What are the benefits of the UAE Golden Visa?

Extended validity: The Golden Visa offers a validity of 10 years, providing long-term residency in the UAE.

Self-sponsorship: You are no longer reliant on an employer or company for sponsorship.

No need to enter the UAE every 6 months to keep the visa valid.


Q:How much is the UAE Golden Visa?
A: The total cost of a 10-year Golden Visa is 9,734.75 AED. This includes the following:

New visa 2,657 AED

Emirates ID 1,153 AED

Medical Check 700 AED

DLD Fees 4,020 AED

Administrative fees 1,155 AED


Q: How long does it take to process the UAE Golden Visa?

Approval time: Eligible applicants can receive visa approval within a few days, with a minimum of 72 hours and a maximum of approximately one month.

Additional procedures: After approval, medical check, Emirates ID, and visa stamping can be completed within a couple of days.


Q: Who is eligible for UAE Golden Visas?
A: Find detailed information on the eligibility criteria and requirements in the UAE GOLDEN VISA REQUIREMENTS section above. In short:

Investors in the public sector

Company owners and entrepreneurs

Real estate investors

CEOs and top managers

Talented students

High professionals like Engineers, Doctors, Athletes, PhD holders

Pioneers of humanitarian work and frontline heroes


Q: Can I sponsor my family if I get a UAE Golden Visa?
A: Yes, you can. After your visa is stamped into your passport, you can initiate the application process for your dependents. Read more about family visas in our article UAE Family Visa Requirements.

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