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Green Visa UAE

Green Visa in Dubai - Green Residency UAE

UAE Green Visa: Overview

Calling all talented and ambitious individuals!  The UAE just rolled out their new Green Visa, and it's a game-changer. Think sunshine, opportunity, and living life on your own terms – that's what this visa offers.


Here's what makes it special:

  • 5 years of freedom: Ditch the sponsor and live in the UAE for a whole half-decade, calling the shots yourself. Boss moves!

  • Bring the fam: Share your UAE adventure with your loved ones – you can even sponsor their visas. Family time just got better!

  • Unleash your potential: No company ties, just the chance to shine and pursue your dreams in a vibrant and dynamic country. Time to make your mark!


While sometimes called the "Silver Visa", remember, it's officially the Green Visa.


This is just a taste of what the Green Visa has in store. If you're a high-skilled individual seeking an unforgettable experience, explore this opportunity further. The UAE might just be your perfect launchpad!

Benefits of UAE Green Visa

The UAE Green Visa is like a magic carpet, whisking you away to a world of opportunity and independence! Here's why it might be your perfect golden ticket:


Be your own boss: Ditch the sponsor and call the shots! This visa lets you live and work in the UAE on your own terms, no strings attached.


Family time, UAE style: Bring your loved ones along! You can sponsor their visas and share your UAE adventure together. Think beach days and building memories.


Live it up for 5 years: This visa isn't just a fling, it's a commitment. Enjoy a whole half-decade of stability and security, knowing you can put down roots and plan for the future.


Forget "Silver Visa", it's officially the Green Visa!


But wait, there's more! The Green Visa opens doors to a vibrant community, exciting career opportunities, and a sunshine-filled lifestyle. So, if you're a talented individual seeking an adventure, explore this option further. The UAE might just be your dream destination!

Who is eligible for a Green Visa?

Dreaming of living and working in the UAE on your own terms? The Green Visa might be your key! But before you pack your bags, let's see if you qualify:


Freelancers and go-getters:

  • Got a freelance permit and a bachelor's degree? Check!

  • Earning at least AED 360,000 annually from self-employment for the past two years, or can you prove you'll be financially stable in the UAE? Great!


Skilled employees, rise up!

  • Have a valid job offer and a bachelor's degree (or equivalent)? Perfect!

  • Classified in the top three occupational levels by the Ministry of HR? You're in!

  • Making at least AED 15,000 monthly? Now we're talking!


Investors, let's talk money:

  • Local government approval for your investment activities? Got it!

  • Ready to invest at least $270,000? Welcome aboard!


This is just a quick overview. Always check with official sources for the latest and most accurate requirements based on your specific category. But hey, if you fit the bill, the Green Visa could be your ticket to an exciting new chapter in the UAE!

How to Apply for the UAE Green Visa

So, you're looking to relocate to the vibrant United Arab Emirates with the new Green Visa program? Fantastic! Whether you're a skilled professional, an enterprising entrepreneur, or an investor with grand plans, there are two ways to make your Green Visa dream a reality: online or offline.


The Digital Route: Applying Online

  1. Sign Up: Head to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) website and register as an individual.

  2. Pick Your Path: Choose your visa type - Partner Investor, High Skilled Worker, or Self-Employment. Hit "Start Service"!

  3. Fill & Attach: In the new window, select "New Applicant" and choose "New Entry Permit for Green Residence". Fill out the forms, upload the required documents (check the list below!), and pay the fees.

  4. Wait & See: Relax! Once your application is processed, you'll get an email notification.


The Traditional Touch: Applying Offline

  1. Visit & Wait: Swing by the nearest Customer Happiness Centre or Amer Service Centre (in Dubai). Grab a ticket and wait your turn.

  2. Submit & Pay: Hand over your completed application with all the necessary documents. Don't forget to pay the fees!

  3. Visa Via Email: Your Green Visa will be sent straight to your inbox when everything is approved.


Important Extras:

  • From Afar? If you're applying from abroad, you'll need an entry permit like a temporary work visa. Already in the UAE on a tourist visa? Convert it! The registration authority can help for a fee.

  • Medical Check & Fingerprints: In some cases, you might need a medical test and biometrics at the Typing Office. Submit the results to immigration.

  • Need More Info? The GDRFA website ( has all the official details you need.


Required Documents Checklist:

  • Application form (filled, of course!)

  • Passport copy

  • Educational qualifications copy

  • Employment contract copy (for high skilled professionals)

  • Salary certificate copy (for high skilled professionals)

  • Medical certificate

  • Police clearance certificate


Remember, this is just a simplified guide. Always double-check the official information for the latest details and specific requirements for your chosen visa type. With a little planning and the right documents, you'll be soaking up the UAE sunshine in no time!

UAE Green Visa Cost

UAE Green Visa cost in 2024 is AED 5,260, including:

  • Entry Permit - 1,035 AED

  • Residency Visa - 2,200 AED

  • Change of Status - 570 AED

  • Medical Checkup - 755 AED 

  • Emirates ID - 700 AED

How to renew the UAE Green Visa

Good news! Your UAE Green Visa opens doors to five fantastic years in the Emirates. But time flies, and when renewal rolls around, here's what you need to do:


Gather Your Green Crew:

  1. Application Form: Grab a fresh application form and fill it out neatly.

  2. Passport Power: Dust off your passport and make a copy.

  3. Visa Copy: Don't forget a photocopy of your current Green Visa.

  4. Health Check: Get a recent medical certificate to prove you're fit to reside.

  5. Clear Record: Show you're squeaky clean with a police clearance certificate.


Renewal Rendezvous:

With your documents in tow, head to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). They'll guide you through the process.


Even after your Green Visa expires or gets cancelled, you have a 180-day grace period to sort things out before leaving the UAE. That's plenty of time to renew or make other arrangements.

Smooth and fast Green Visa application with Al-Jazat

Don't Sweat the Green Visa! Let Al-Jazat Be Your Guide

The UAE Green Visa unlocks a world of opportunity, but navigating the application process can feel like conquering a desert storm. Fear not, intrepid adventurer! Al-Jazat is your oasis of expertise, ready to make your Green Visa journey smooth and stress-free.


Why Choose Al-Jazat?

  • Visa Wizards: We have years of experience handling all types of visa applications, including the Green Visa. We know the ins and outs and can ensure your paperwork is perfect.

  • Fast Track to Green: We'll streamline the process, minimising delays and saving you precious time. No more visa application sandstorms!

  • For All Green Seekers: Whether you're a freelance explorer, a self-made entrepreneur, or a skilled professional, we've got your back. We cater to all Green Visa applicants.

  • Hassle-Free Haven: We take care of the complexities, so you can focus on your dreams. Leave the visa worries to us and enjoy the peace of mind.


Ready to Go Green?


Contact Al-Jazat today! We'll be your trusty guide, helping you navigate the Green Visa process with confidence and ease. So, ditch the visa stress and get ready to embrace your UAE adventure!


Q: Is it necessary to have an employment contract for a Green Visa?
A: There are 3 categories of applicants for a Green Visa: freelancers and self-employed individuals, skilled employees, and partners or investors. If you are a skilled employee, yes, you do need an employment contract to apply for this type of visa. For the other two categories, employment contracts are not required.


Q: How does the UAE Green Visa differ from an employment or work visa?
A: The primary distinction lies in the sponsorship requirement. When applying for the UAE Green Visa, you are not reliant on an employer's sponsorship. This visa is valid for a duration of 5 years. On the other hand, an employment or work visa necessitates sponsorship from your employer and typically holds a validity period of 2 years. By eliminating the need for sponsorship, the Green Visa offers greater independence and flexibility to individuals seeking to live and work in the UAE.


Q: How much is the UAE Green Visa?
A: The UAE Green Visa fees total to AED 240. If you apply from the UAE, you will be charged additional AED 500. 


Q: Can I sponsor my family under my Green Visa?
A: Yes, you can sponsor your immediate family members (spouse, sons under 25 years old, and unmarried daughters of any age).


Q: How long can I stay in the UAE after my Green Visa expires?
A: You and your family can stay in the country for 6 months after your Green Visas are cancelled or expire. You can easily renew your visas during this period under the same terms.

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