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Want To Setup Business In Dubai?

I need to understand how to start a business in Dubai,  open accounts in Dubai, make financial arrangements, and obtain a UAE residence visa. I need to take advantage of all the benefits of business consultants in UAE. I'm looking for business arrangement specialists to help me complete professional, financial, and livelihood tasks in Dubai.

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Lowest Cost of Residency in the UAE

We have got multiple options for you to get your residency in UAE along with the trade license. You can get investor visa and can sponsor your family. You can manage employees visa for your staff. Your staff can also sponsor their own families. We can assist you throughout the residency processes with as minimum cost as possible

Dubai Online Business

Keep your global web-based business tax-free. Accept global payments through trusted checkout options like PayPal, Checkout, Pay Tabs, and Pay Fort. Create your own set of adventures!

Establish a local business in the UAE

Open a business in the UAE's expanding and prosperous market. Become a part of this country's success. Take a bite out of the pie!

Office at a low cost

Relocate your company's headquarters to the UAE. Get low-cost offices to meet worldwide financial substance requirements. Are you fleeing a tax shelter? Set sail for the UAE!

Open a bank account in the UAE

Enjoy the freedom of transfer of funds and the absence of currency controls. You can manage your account online. You can liquidate your entire capital at any time.

What's on sale?

Do you like to get the best deals? Examine the current offers on business setup in Dubai. Take advantage of this offer while it is still available! Money saved equates to money earned!

Procedure for establishing a business in Dubai

No cost consultation

Al Jazat business setup consultants in Dubai will assist you in locating an appropriate setup solution.

Establishing a business in Dubai

We assist you in registering your company quickly and with minimal effort on your part.

UAE residency

The Al Jazat team will open your residence visa and assist you with the medical checkup and Emirates ID process.

Account in a bank

Our managers will provide a comprehensive overview of UAE banks and assist you in selecting the most appropriate ones for your account application.

Business services in UAE


How can I do VAT correctly and avoid penalties?


What is crucial for you?


How can I get clients in the UAE tomorrow?

How can company formation consultants assist you?

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Straight Corporate Services provides fast and dependable document clearance service solutions to clients who want to avoid the hassle of gathering all of the necessary documents. This unavoidably assists our clients in making the most of their time and focusing on more important business activities.


We want to share our knowledge with you and assist you in completing tasks. You will understand the best way to register your company, who among the 50 UAE banks will open your business account, and how to protect your assets.


Our group of experts PROs and dedicated consultants will gladly assist you with all Ministry of Labor and Immigration Department pre-employment and post-employment requirements.


We will also explain how to conduct business in accordance with UAE laws and regulations, how to make changes to your existing business, and how to hire employees and draught labour contracts.


Our managers will discuss your options for working as a freelancer, obtaining a resident visa, and relocating your family to the UAE.

We'll even tell you which neighbourhoods are best to live in and which schools to send your children to. We discuss all of this during our free consultation!

Al jazat -  Professional Document Clearing Services provider In Dubai

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Al Jazat is a business consulting firm based in Dubai. We are happy to share our knowledge and provide you with a free consultation based on your specific needs and requirements. If you hire us, we will assist you throughout the entire process of forming your company and beyond.


In 2013, we entered the UAE market. Since then, we have established over 3000 businesses. We have given over 25 000 consultations. It leads us to believe that we are aware of all possible options for your company's registration.

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I am soooo so happy and grateful that everything went fine. You and your team are amazing! Thank you very much for the great cooperation!

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Я обратился в Компанию Local Consultancy DMCC за помощью в выборе и регистрации компании во Free Zone в Арабских Эмиратах. Business Setup Advisor в...

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