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Local UAE Business

Options to set up UAE local business


Why do our clients set up local UAE business?

Starting a local business in the UAE: Your options explained

So, you're thinking of bringing your business to the vibrant UAE? Great choice! But navigating the different setups can get confusing. Let's break it down:


Your goal:


  • Sell stuff? (retailer or distributor)

  • Offer services? (consulting, marketing, etc.)


Your game:


  • Brainpower-based? (IT, consulting, marketing)

  • Importing goods?


Your customers:


  • Everyday people? (retail, customer service)

  • Businesses only? (wholesale)


Now, choose your path:


Free Zone Company:


  • Perfect for intellectual services and imports.

  • Operate anywhere in the UAE.

  • No direct sales to individuals (except in special zones).


Mainland Company:


  • Ideal for retail, customer service, and specific industries like restaurants and real estate.

  • Operate anywhere in Dubai (except Free Zones).

  • Requires additional approvals for certain businesses.




  • Some businesses (travel agencies, schools) must be mainland.

  • Get approvals from relevant authorities (health, food, etc.) for certain activities.


Bonus tip: Check out integrated Free Zones like DMCC for retail opportunities within the city.


Ultimately, the best setup depends on your unique business. Do your research and choose the path that fuels your success!

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