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Property Investor Visa UAE

UAE Property investor visa: Golden Visa, Pensioner Visa, and Investor Visa in 2024

Dreaming of making the UAE your new home, but worried about overstaying your tourist visa? Fear not! Owning property can be your key to unlocking residency and all its perks.

Whether you're craving a slice of paradise, stellar education for your kids, or just a fantastic investment, this guide is your roadmap to residency through real estate.


Dive into the different types of investment visas, their unique features, and the easy steps to securing your spot in this vibrant nation.  So, pack your bags (and some sunscreen!), because your UAE adventure awaits!

Obtaining a residence visa in the UAE based on property ownership in 2024

Thinking of putting down roots in the sun-drenched UAE? Investing in property can be your golden ticket to residency, unlocking a treasure trove of perks! Let's explore the different visas and how much "bling" each requires:


Golden Visa: The VIP Pass to Paradise 

  • Price tag: Owning a property worth at least AED 2 million (around $550,000). Think swanky apartments or multiple cosy dogs across different Emirates.

  • Benefits: 10-year residency, no need to stay put for 6 months a year, family visas, and priority school spots for your little ones. ‍‍‍

  • Heads up: You'll need proof of steady income too.

  • Costs: Expect registration fees, visa and ID card charges, health insurance, and medical exams. Don't forget, property ownership is key – sell it, lose your visa!


Two-Year Investor Visa: A Stepping Stone to More

  • Price tag: AED 750,000 (around $205,000) for a completed property, or invest in an under-construction one and get your visa later.

  • Benefits: Two years of residency, renewable if you keep your property.

  • Requirements: Joint ownership is cool, but ensure equal shares for both spouses. Visa goes to the bigger owner, the other gets sponsored as a spouse.


Five-Year Retirement Visa: Sunset Serenity Awaits

  • Age limit: 55+, with at least 15 years of work experience anywhere.

  • Price tag: Choose one:

    • Property worth AED 1 million (around $275,000) or more.

    • Fixed bank deposit of AED 1 million.

    • Stable income of AED 180,000 per year (show us those bank statements!).

  • Benefits: Five years of residency, extendable! Plus, your family can join the fun.


The Process: Buckle up for a smooth ride (with some paperwork):

  1. Passport check: Let's see if you qualify.

  2. Document prep and visa application: Takes about 5-7 weeks.

  3. Property hunt: Our brokers will find your perfect match. Lawyers handle the legalities.

  4. Purchase and payment: Time to become a homeowner (and resident)!

  5. Medical exams: Make sure everyone's healthy (including you!).

  6. Biometric data and visa processing: Show us your best smile!

  7. Visa approval and ID card: Welcome to the UAE!


Keep your property, get a medical checkup, and renew your insurance – and you're good to go!


Remember, this is just a taste of the possibilities. For specific details and expert guidance, reach out – we're here to make your UAE dream a reality!


Q: What are the benefits of the UAE Gold visa?
A: The Golden Visa offers several unique advantages compared to other visa types. These benefits include:

Extended validity: The Golden Visa offers a validity of 5 or 10 years, providing long-term residency in the UAE.

Self-sponsorship: You are no longer reliant on an employer or company for sponsorship.

Full ownership of a mainland business: Enjoy the advantage of 100% ownership of a business in the mainland without the need for local partners.

Ability to enter and exit the UAE unlimited number of times

Residence visas for all family members, domestic staff, and assistants.

Ability to invest in multiple properties, including secondary market housing, getting a mortgage.


Q: How much is the Golden Visa and Two-Year Investor visa?
A: The cost of both investor visas is approximately $5,500.


Q: Can I get an investor visa in the UAE if I buy an off-plan property?
A: Generally, no. To be eligible for a Golden Visa or a Two-Year Investor Visa in the UAE, the property should be either completed or nearly completed. Properties that are still under construction (off-plan) are not suitable for this purpose and should be viewed primarily as investment opportunities.

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