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UAE non resident bank account

UAE business banking

Non resident bank account - who can open?

Thinking of opening a bank account in Dubai? Whether you're a business owner or just visiting, the UAE has options for you! Here's the scoop:


For Businesses:

  • Company's first: You'll need to set up your business in Dubai before opening a corporate account.

  • Personal touch: Alternatively, individuals can open accounts under their own name.


For Individuals:

  • Visit required: Get ready for a trip! Personal account applications require a visit to the UAE.

  • Open to most: Citizens of most countries can apply, with some exceptions like Iran, North Korea, and a few others on the "watch list."

  • Extra scrutiny: Nationals from high-risk countries can still apply, but expect a longer approval process and more paperwork.



  • Banking regulations are ever-changing, so double-check with your chosen bank for the latest details.

  • Consider seeking professional help from business consultants. They can navigate the process and recommend banks best suited to your needs.


With a little planning and guidance, you'll be banking in Dubai in no time!

How to open a bank account in the UAE for non-residents?

Dreaming of a Dubai bank account, but can't commit to residency? Don't sweat it! Here's how non-residents can join the banking party:


Pack your bags and prep your paperwork:

  • UAE adventure awaits: A trip to Dubai is necessary to kickstart the application.

  • Document essentials: Don't forget your passport, proof of address (think utility bills), and bank statements from the past few months (3-6) to show your financial muscles.

  • Your life story in a CV: Tell the bank about yourself with a quick rundown of your professional and personal background.


At the bank:

  • Meet your financial partner: Head to your chosen bank and they'll handle your documents and get your signature on the application forms.

  • Patience is a virtue: Don't expect instant access – account opening takes around 3-4 weeks.


Huzzah! You're officially a Dubai banking buddy:

  • If your application shines, the bank will send you a welcome email with your account details and online banking instructions.



  • Banking rules can be fickle, so double-check with your chosen bank for the latest info.

  • Consider getting help from business consultants - they're your banking guides in Dubai.


With a little preparation and the right guidance, you'll be managing your finances like a Dubai pro in no time!

Non resident bank account - what will you get

So, you've snagged your non-resident bank account in Dubai – congrats! Now, let's explore the goodies it comes with:


Manage your money on the go: Enjoy the convenience of online banking. Check your balance, transfer funds, and pay bills – all from your phone or laptop.


Spend like a local (almost): Get a debit card to make purchases and withdraw cash at ATMs. Remember, it's not a credit card, so keep an eye on your balance!


Thinking long-term? If you become a resident with a UAE visa, you can unlock the power of bank loans! But remember, patience is key. You'll need to show the bank your income source and regular incoming transfers to build trust and qualify for a loan.




  • Banking rules can change, so check with your bank for the latest info on loan eligibility and terms.

  • Consider consulting a financial advisor for personalised guidance on loans and managing your finances in Dubai.


With your new account and these perks, you're on your way to enjoying the financial freedom and convenience of Dubai, even without residency!

Bank account for non residents in UAE - what problems it solves:

Feeling frustrated with:

  • Restrictive international transfers? Can't move your money freely?

  • Currency woes? Stuck dealing with unfavourable exchange rates?

  • Shaky banking systems? Worried about your funds' safety?

  • Limited growth options? Can't earn interest or save for the future?


If any of these sound familiar, opening a bank account in Dubai could be your game-changer! Here's why:


Enjoy global banking freedom: Move your money seamlessly across borders without restrictions.


Embrace the dirham: Manage your finances in a stable currency with favourable exchange rates.


Bank with confidence: Benefit from a well-developed and highly secure banking system.


Grow your wealth: Earn interest on your savings and unlock investment opportunities.


Just remember:

  • Taxes still apply: You'll pay taxes where you spend most of your time, even if your money's in Dubai.

  • Seek expert advice: Consult a tax advisor to understand your specific situation.


Don't let limited banking options hold you back! Opening a bank account in Dubai can open doors to financial freedom and opportunity. So, explore your options and see if a Dubai bank account could be the key to unlocking your financial goals!


Q: The best bank in UAE to open a non-resident account?
A: Almost all UAE banks offer a non resident category of the accounts. We recommend approaching big banks such as Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic, RAK BANK and other government banks. Your funds are safe and international transactions fast and easy.


Q: How long does it take to open a resident bank account?
A: Normally, opening personal accounts of non-residents takes 3-4 weeks depending on the bank.


Q: What do you need to open a non-resident bank account?
A: You need a 1-2 days visit to the UAE with your personal documents: passport, bank statement, utility bill and CV.

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