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Dubai, a premier tax market, offers a zero-income tax advantage and capital repatriation. Our Business setup services ensure full compliance with international regulations, providing ongoing support for optimal company performance in UAE.

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AlJazat is a business consulting firm based in Dubai. We are happy to share our knowledge and provide you with a free consultation based on your specific needs and requirements. If you hire us, we will assist you throughout the entire process of forming your company and beyond.


In 2013, we entered the UAE market. Since then, we have established over 3000 businesses. We have given over 25 000 consultations. It leads us to believe that we are aware of all possible options for your company's registration.

Dubai Free Zone Company

Best choice for:

  • UAE Residency

  • Business operations in and out of UAE

AED 12,500

Dubai Mainland License

Best choice for:

  • to do business in UAE local market

  • to open a retail business

  • real estate company

  • unlimited visas

AED 16,500

Dubai Offshore Company

Best choice for:

  • holding company

  • International business operations

AED 9,500

Working Together
Business Set-up in Dubai

What is the process of setting up my business in Dubai?

Accounting and VAT Registration

How can I do VAT correctly and avoid penalties?

Online Marketing for your company

How can I get clients in the UAE tomorrow?

Bank Account Assistance 

How can AlJazat assist in opening a bank account in Dubai?

Accounting and Book Keeping

What is the purpose of accounting

in business?

Take your Business to the next level in UAE with AlJazat

What founders are saying


Waqas - World Destination Online Travel Agency

"With invaluable support from AlJazat, our online travel agency, World Destination, has not only taken off but soared to new heights. AlJazat's guidance was instrumental in setting up and steering our business toward success."

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Sustainable growth starts with a solid foundation

Lowest Cost of Residency in the UAE

We have got multiple options for you to get your residency in UAE along with the trade license. You can get investor visa and can sponsor your family. You can manage employees visa for your staff. Your staff can also sponsor their own families. We can assist you throughout the residency processes with as minimum cost as possible

Dubai Online Business

Keep your global web-based business tax-free. Accept global payments through trusted checkout options like PayPal, Checkout, Pay Tabs, and Pay Fort. Create your own set of adventures!

Establish a local business in the UAE

Open a business in the UAE's expanding and prosperous market. Become a part of this country's success. Take a bite out of the pie!

Office at a low cost

Relocate your company's headquarters to the UAE. Get low-cost offices to meet worldwide financial substance requirements. Are you fleeing a tax shelter? Set sail for the UAE!

Open a bank account in the UAE

Enjoy the freedom of transfer of funds and the absence of currency controls. You can manage your account online. You can liquidate your entire capital at any time.

What's on sale?

Do you like to get the best deals? Examine the current offers on business setup in Dubai. Take advantage of this offer while it is still available! Money saved equates to money earned!


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